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Professional Lift Solutions

Queensland Crane Hire have heavy transport, semi trailers, crane trucks & cranes ranging from 2.8t to 200t.

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Safety Documentation

Queensland Crane Hire have in place ongoing reviews and processes to ensure that our business complies with Industry Standards at all times. Queensland Crane Hire are fully committed to providing the highest standard of service on any given day. Queensland Crane Hire is your premier source for crane hire throughout Queensland. Our expert team has many years of experience providing professional lifting services for jobs of any size using modern equipment that is certified and compliant to Australian standards.
No paper work can just be made up, therefore Queensland Crane Hire will happily send one of the supervisors to have a look at your site, assess the risks, and provide any paperwork required within 3 working days.
Safe Work Method Statements. These documents are combination of a risk assessment combined with control measures. With job steps broken down and risks assessed for every task, you can be assured that Queensland Crane Hire will be working to the highest safety standards.

Fleet Information

Queensland Crane Hire & Rigging can provide all your transport needs, especially for large awkward loads that are crane on / crane off, with co-ordination of cranes and trucks to make your project run most efficiently. Queensland Crane Hire can provide

  1. Crane Trucks
  2. Tilt Trays
  3. Semi Trailers
  4. Drop Deck Semi Trailers
  5. Extendable trailers (up to 19m)
  6. Extendable drop deck trailers (up to 19m)
  7. Floats (drive on / Drive off, RORO) up to 46t


Call Queensland Crane hire and Rigging on 07 3282 1588 for your next equipment move.

15t Franna's Available in our fleet is the Terex AT 15 Tonne Franna, the smallest crane of the franna family. This crane is a compact lifting powerhouse 20t Franna's Available in our fleet is the Terex AT 20 Tonne Franna, the cornerstone of any crane hire company. This crane is a compromise between size and lifting capacity to make it the perfect all rounder.

12t City Cranes

With a width of less than 2m, the crane is small enough to fit into small gaps, but with 23m of boom, this little dynamo will reach all the high places.

20t – 200t all terrain Cranes

This crane is a bread and butter lifter, with little bells and whistle, this crane is a solid work horse that wont let you down.

20t – 200t all terrain Cranes

With 90t of lifting muscle and 51m of live boom, this crane is the answer to your questions. All wheel steering and 6 wheel drive this crane nearly goes anywhere, fits anywhere and lifts anything.

All wheel drive, All wheel steer, up to 100m in in height and up to 74m radius, these are the cranes to get your job done. With small setup spaces as seen in the documents below, we can fit anywhere and lift anything (almost)!!

You can download our info sheets here:

020 - TR-200M_4 Tadano Dimensions.pdf

040 - AC 40-2L Dimensions.pdf

080 - GMK 4080-1 Dimensions.pdf

100 - AC 100 Demag Dimensions.pdf

100 - AC 100-4L Dimensions.pdf

200 - AC 200 Dimensions.pdf